Appointment Made

Its been a rubbish Monday.  A colleague has bone cancer, and I’m stressing over cabbage condensation.

A colleague who has been ill for a while has been diagnosed with incurable cancer.  Its not necessary terminal, but the prognosis isn’t great.  That alone was enough to send me on a quest for wine, on a Monday.

Wine was bought and consumed, and I bought an electric guitar, because this will save my soul.

Then my roommate decided to cook, as he tends to do, with the windows closed and the  extractor rudely off, and now my entire flat, drying clothes and all, smells like cabbage.

Not a big deal compared to cancer, but i’m in an addicted stupor and unfortunately small things like cabbage condensation trigger my need to drink wine. And buy electric guitars.

I’ve made an appointment with my GP for Wednesday, so we shall see what that brings. And maybe that guitar will save my drunken soul.


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