Good Morning, sort of.

I managed to resist the charms of more wine, and spent the rest of the day mooching about online and watching TV.  I didn’t really eat much, which means today I still feel pretty rubbish, and add into the mix a good dose of cramp, and I’m not feeling in the best fettle.  Also, the flatmate will be back today so i’ll find out if I did actually call him and what was said.  I’m too old for this nonsense!

Anyway,  this whole episode has again confirmed that I can’t ‘drink like a normal person’ and that one evening of drinking will inevitably lead to a hangover the next day which leavers me feeling like the only thing that will make it better is more alcohol.

I’m sick of wasting so much time on this, life is short and precious, and I’m wasting mine by spending most of my free time drunk or hungover.

As demonstrated over the 14 days I was alcohol free, I can do this, and even yesterday I was able to stop myself drinking more.  So I CAN do this.  I can reclaim my life and once and for all put this behind me.  One day at a time.

So, here is to day one, again, again, again many times over (!) but this time I’m adamant its the last day one.


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