A Fresh Week.

Nothing much to say this morning, waiting to go for my doctors appointment before work, and thinking about the week ahead.  I need to set myself some goals, something positive to focus on, other than this problem that I feel follows me about.

For the two weeks I didn’t drink, I didn’t think much about it.  However, I guess this was an avoidance behaviour, rather than a confrontation.  I was avoiding the problem, successfully, but it didn’t make it go away.

I don’t want to have to avoid people and places that involve alcohol or triggers to drink, because the way the word is today, alcohol is everywhere.

So the goal this week is to not try and forget about drinking, but to try and think about it in a different way.  I like the idea of thinking about it as something I used to do, but don’t now.  And leave it at that.  I’m sick of wallowing.

I’m also going to blog every day, even if i dont feel I have anything to say.  I didn’t write during my two weeks sobriety, avoidance again I think, so this time, I shall write.

So here is to a fresh week, a week of setting and accomplishing goals, not matter how small.


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