Less like a rabbit in the headlights

This morning I woke up feeling tired again, but definitely no sudden pangs of panic or anything approaching despair.  I feel like probably whats happened is that after two weeks of abstaining, then hitting it quite hard, on top of the antidepressants, I’ve probably mucked up my brain chemistry, so its not really my own feelings that are dictating how I feel.  If that makes any sense?  I think it would have been useful for the doctor to prescribe the ‘anti-alcohol’ pills at the same time, not sure why they didn’t?  And from the leaflet I got for my appointment today, they state you won’t get a prescription on your first visit, but I wonder if that’s more to discourage people on harder drugs thinking they will get methadone?  Who knows, I’ll find out this afternoon anyway.

Although I’m tired, which is most likely from sitting about the house yesterday, my eyes don’t feel sore like they can do, and all the colours around me seem to be popping a bit brighter than usual.  Its also a little sunny and fresh and windy, which is physically blowing way the cobwebs.  I’ve got the windows open and I’m letting the refreshing air blow through the house.

When I was out yesterday I remembered I had spotted a cook book that I wanted.  Its by Tom Kerridge, and called ‘The Dopamine Diet’ which as far as I can tell from the few pages I’ve read, is a low carb diet which naturally boosts your dopamine levels by including certain sorts of food.  And, more importantly at the moment, he recommends cutting out alcohol completely.  There is even a handy stage 1-4 of resisting drinking on a night out, which although doesn’t address people who drink excessively for more complex reasons, it is still a good reminder.

I’ve not been eating properly for a while now, and really, when you think on it, that alone can lead to feeling tired and depressed.  So, the plan is to read this book and start following the recipes.  As someone who can’t cook, the recipes all look quite straight forward, so I might just about manage.

I also want to get a life planner. I looked into this before and it seems the Erin Condren Life  Planner is popular, but its super expensive.  Does anyone have any recommendations for a more affordable life planner that has a similar layout?  I looked online before with no success!

Anyway, that’s my morning ramblings.  I’ll try and write more today after the appointment.



3 thoughts on “Less like a rabbit in the headlights

  1. So much of my own depression was caused by the alcohol. Once that washes out of your system for a while, the antidepressants actually begin to work. Walking is a huge serotonin releaser! (Or any exercise, but walking outside seems to be the key.) That’s on my agenda today. I tend to hibernate this time of year.
    Good luck at your appointment!!

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