Post Appointment

Just a quick update, the appointment was a little disappointing.  There was quite a lot of emphasis on drink driving, as in don’t, and if I am I need to contact the DVLA and they will decide on taking my licence…. I can confirm that I have NEVER driven drunk. I just wouldn’t.  I suppose they have to cover themselves, but when she started scratching about in her handbag for the breathalyser I felt a little betrayed!  I obviously hadn’t been drinking so it wouldn’t have mattered but I thought it was a bit, I dunno, she couldnt find it anyway.

So, the gist is they seem to be more geared up for people who are ‘full on’ alcoholic or drug addicted.  All the questions were geared around how bad are my shakes in the morning, and do I reach for a drink first thing in the morning, and do I drink in excess of 8 bottles of wine in a day……So when it was put to me like that, I felt that my drinking levels are fine! (I know they’re not!).

On balance I think its not for me.  From reading stuff online, and past experience, I think I’ve figured out that my drinking is related to my state of mind, and my mind tends to get depressed.  I think at the moment i’m psychologically  addicted to drinking, not physically, and therefore I don’t need a formal detox, I need to address the underlying issues.

And to be honest, I think given the a mount of help, advice and support there is online, it really should be possible to heal yourself.

Anyway, I will go to at least one session to see what its like, but in the meantime, I think I know what I need to do, I just need to stick to it and get on with it, and not let things revert back to the way they were at the start of the week.

Hope everyone has a healthy happy Friday!



One thought on “Post Appointment

  1. It is so hard to find where you ‘fit’ in the world of drinking. I think the purse breathalyzer would have put me off as well. Geez! But like you said, she must get some completely inebriated clients. I did drink and drive, and I might have had a drink before a meeting like this, so it may also have been terrifying for me. But I would have put myself in the range of “someone who had one drink, maybe one and a half” before the meeting, and “someone who is clearly inebriated” before the meeting. I would differentiate between me and everyone else so that I could see myself as not that bad.

    I still do that sometimes, like I did at the beginning of this comment. But we are about being truthful here. I found that AA had a much better ‘range’ of drinkers that I could relate to, especially for someone seeking answers for the first time. You may have already talked about this, but is that an option?

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