Well, as predicted, I did chin the excess wine (having filled the flatmate’s wine bottles back up to their original levels, yes, this is my life).  I just couldn’t bring myself to pour it way.  Drinking wine on a Sunday afternoon, having drank heavily the night before.  Smashing. Thankfully, I have managed to stop myself from walking to the shop to get another bottle, so I’ve only had about 3/4 of a bottle in total, and i’m now on the green tea.  There is definitely still an urge to go to said shop and purchase some more mind altering poison in a fancy bottle, but I am NOT going to do it.

I am going to feed the dog, take her out for a walk, have salad for dinner, have a relaxing shower, then go to bed early and read a book, like a normal human being.  Im not going to venture into the drunken, dark abyss that my mind seems to crave.  I choose the light!


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