Sun Is Shining, On the Up.

Today hasn’t been a complete bust, I managed to sleep for a couple of hours, then took the dog for a sunny walk.  Although, I was feeling pretty unfit.  Im a wheezy sweaty mess.  I’m not over weight, just totally unfit.  Which is crazy considering I did a half marathon in October.

With the sun shining its easy to feel happy(ish) and positive that I can sort this mess out, but the problem will be keeping the momentum going.

I’v bought ‘This Naked Mind’ which a few people have recommended to me, so I’m going to sit and drink my fruit smoothie, read the book, and chill.  Today is a day for rest and recovery, and tomorrow is a day for positive action!

Hope everyone out there is doing well.


3 thoughts on “Sun Is Shining, On the Up.

    • Definitely get blogging! I wasn’t sure at first because I was worried about someone I know reading it, or no one reading it and feeling even more lost and alone! I am still a little worried about the first point. but not the second. People like yourself are so lovely and supportive, and I feel that as others share their stories, its easy to see that this issue with alcohol is nothing to be ashamed of. Ok, it leads to shameful behaviour, but really, no wonder! Alcohol is an addictive substance that is practically pushed down our throats at every turn. We are brainwashed into believing that no celebration is complete without a drink, its impossible to socialise or relax without a drink…..Sorry, ranting away here! So yes, get blogging and then you to can rant to the interwebs!!!


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