Day one, in the bag.

Yesterday was day one, although as I was hungover, does it really count?

I woke up quite early and sort of dozed, but I kept having dreams where I had forgotten to do something, like I was looking for a new place to live for my new job, but had forgotten to go for the interview……I think that’s feelings of guilt from all the things I’ve not done recently due to drinking.

Anyway, I’m up, its sunny, and I have a morning of volunteering planned which hopefully will keep my mind busy.  As much as the sun lifts my mood, it also leads to feelings of ‘a sunny pint’, or a lovely afternoon glass of wine in the garden, leading to a bottle or two and being rotten hungover or unable to drive to work on Monday morning.  I know how it goes!

I’ve started reading ‘This Naked Mind’ and I’m only a few pages in, and already its resonating with me.  I read Alan Carr’s ‘Easyway’, and its pretty similar to that (she does credit him), but whereas Alan’s book is quite light on detail and more about the concept, I can already see that This Naked Mind really delves into the science of alcohol addiction, so I’m loving that.

Right from the start Annie explains the reason for the internal struggle, of wanting to stop drinking, but inexplicably finding yourself at the store, purchasing the wine, drinking, drunkety drunk drunk.  Its that pesky subconscious, that from years of subtle grooming, has been convinced that alcohol is the bomb and that life is not complete without its liquidy  charms.  That, coupled with the physically addictive properties is why you get people like me.  But the real revelation for me is that I’m not an ‘alcoholic’, I’m a normal person who has become addicted to a highly addictive substance, and anyone, ANYONE who drinks alcohol, could end up the same way.  Its just takes time and enough alcohol.  Scary stuff!

So, if thats only a couple of chapters in, im sure by the time I get to the end of my book I will be educated enough and my subconscious retrained to see alcohol for all it really is.  An addictive chemical that has no place in my life, whatsoever.

Have a happy, healthy Sunday, resist the ‘charms’ of that toxic chemical, and if you haven’t already, read ‘This Naked Mind’ (By Annie Grace)!!!!!!! xxx



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