Day 3 pm……..

………and………still sober!  I went for a swim and sauna after work, came home and cleaned the house again, just for something active to do, then pottered about, healthy dinner and now early to bed to read This Naked Mind.

I’m feeling pretty pooped, and to be honest, not as chipper as I was this morning, but hey, its Monday and it was a long day.  At least, even if I am feeling a bit down, I know I will wake up not feeling like hell and ready to deal with whatever comes my way.

I didn’t have any real cravings at all today, so  I’m going to be careful tomorrow and keep myself in check.  Avoiding the shops right now is the best thing to do until I feel more set in my new ways.

Nothing much more to say, very sleepy, so gnight interwebs!


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