The battle rages on.

I’ve lost track of how much I’ve drank this week, but its been a lot.  No reason for it, nothing bad going on, maybe a little board, but I’ve been too hungover to do anything so what do I expect?

Woke up this morning with an aching lower back again, I look horrific.  I bleached my own hair to try and freshen my appearance up.  I was aiming for the kind of pink pastel colours that are the trend right now, and its sort of worked from a hair point of view, but facially all it has done is highlight my dull skin and the bags under my eyes.  Haggard is the word.  Urgh.

I’ve also developed these weird red patches of skin on my body, that look a bit like ringworm (lovely, I know!) but the doctor didn’t think it was, as its not itchy.  Its pretty alarming how its spreading, but I wonder if its to do with the drinking and probably poor nutrition?  I’ve got cream for it.

In a way, its helping me to realise how much pressure im putting on my body and that eventually something is going to give, and the sooner I quit this the better.

I got a prescription of acamprosate, so i’ll keep you posted on how that works.

Tonight i’m going to my parents house, which will be a little testing as my mum will be on the wine, but I’ve already got my excuses lined up.  I’ll blame the skin thing and say I don’t want to drink in case it aggravates it.  Also, it looks like a nice day, so I can take the dog out after dinner to avoid the beginning of a ‘session’.

I look forward to the days when I don’t need to think like this, and scheme and plan….this is exhausting.

Today will be tough, i feel like crap, but, providing I don’t drink, tomorrow will be better.  Time to let my body and mind heal!

Happy healthy Saturday folks.  And if you are tempted, just think on my manky skin thing, that should put you off!!  :-/ xxx


One thought on “The battle rages on.

  1. I have a long list of physical symptoms that disappeared once I stopped drinking. I thought they were more age-related, but turns out I was probably suffering from vitamin deficiencies. So I kept drinking, but took vitamins.
    I do think it’s your body that protests loudest when it comes to drinking. All those hungover symptoms that you can shrug off in your early 20s catch up with you at some point. The best news is YOU CAN CHANGE THIS! It seems like we all have to go through that gathering evidence phase to shore up enough energy to make the change. I’m glad you are on your way!

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