The Drunk Files

I’ve been drinking heavily since Thursday, and have done nothing with my holidays at all.  I’m thoroughly fed up with myself, and with sitting here writing posts about ‘this is it, no more!  I can do this!’….. and then the next day going, no wait, I messed up again.

I was bored and down last night (because i was hungover!) and wanted to take the edge off it with a bottle of wine.  But the problem is, its never enough, so I walked to the store and got another bottle and got pissed as a fart as they say.  Its never ‘just one’, come on, I know this!

I hate myself at the moment, its like having a split personality, but the split isn’t even, the evil side is dominant.

I really hope that a young person starting out on a possible drinking career happens across this blog or one of the many like it, and sees the mess that alcohol can create.  Don’t do it kids, its not worth it!  Alcohol is not fun, its highly addictive and its an absolute bitch to try and quit.

Im making no promises today.  When i inevitably start thinking about drinking later today, instead, i’ll sit here and write until it passes, so be prepared for more drivel.


5 thoughts on “The Drunk Files

  1. Tomorrow is another day and it is never too late for us to start over.
    An alternative to meetings you may find helpful include the really powerful podcasts out there (e.g. Recovery Elevator) and one book. Just one. It’s Annie Grace’s This Naked Mind – this book was a game changer for me.
    All the best xoxo

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    • @NoWineImFine Thanks for the podcast recommendation, I’ll check it out! I read Jason Vales book and as much as it hit home i still couldnt resist the brainwashing lure of ‘relaxing with a bottle of wine’. I also bought This Naked Mind so I will sit down later today and take the plunge. 🙂

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