7 Days Sober and Counting….

That’s right.  7 days sober.  But to get here I had another meltdown, but this time I called my dad and told him everything.  Well, not everything, but the main points, such as, help, I can’t stop drinking and I’m horribly depressed.

My parents came down and took me and the dog home, I took the week off work (as holidays, not sick) and had a week of good food and lots of sleep.  I ran 4 miles every day and went on long walks with my mum and the dog, and we had coffees and just chilled out, it was great!

I’ve been back at my own flat for the weekend, and kept up the running, and went on a long walk with the dog today, which was lovely.

Feeling sooooo much better.

That’s all for now, i’m tired and sleepy, but I will write a proper post soon with details.  Hope you are all ready for the week ahead!




2 thoughts on “7 Days Sober and Counting….

  1. Hoping you are doing better and better. I finally started my blog and tho very clumsy at it I think it’s off the ground…sort of. Today is my Day One. I’m scared but more so if I don’t take the plunge.


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