Day 3 pm……..

.........and.........still sober!  I went for a swim and sauna after work, came home and cleaned the house again, just for something active to do, then pottered about, healthy dinner and now early to bed to read This Naked Mind. I'm feeling pretty pooped, and to be honest, not as chipper as I was this morning, … Continue reading Day 3 pm……..


Day 3 am…..

Just a very quick hello to the world, its a lovely day, I'm AF 2 full days, and this is the am of day 3, and I'm feeling goooooood! Back pain has eased, stomach less bloated, and generally feeling a bit more like my normal self.  I've been warned that cravings may surface later today, … Continue reading Day 3 am…..


I did it again.  I got drunk.  I bought wine, I drank it, I got drunk and ordered takeaway and another bottle of wine, and now I'm ill, ashamed and so sick of myself.  Staying sober is hard, drinking is easy.  But feeling this shitty is beyond awful.  My skin is crawling and I just … Continue reading Distraught